Through good management the nightclub, The Zodiac, has been annually increasing its customers since its opening, and more and more girls express the interest in working with us.

Our nightclub is spread over two floors with a large central bar, and a modern / pop style which stands out for its stylish and modern decor that goes back to the celebrated American nightclubs.

The Zodiac opened on October 29th of 2008, and has become the go to place for the provinces of Terni, Viterbo and Rieti, it also embraces all the villages along the highway between lower Umbria and Northern Rome.

The staff is professional and qualified , with a security guard (armed) at the entrance deterring ill-intentioned people.
This place is also widely known for its peace and security.
Beautiful girls and international music selected by good djs make for unforgettable moments in sweet company.
Corporate parties, bachelor parties and private parties (to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance) are some of the services we offer.

We are constantly looking for girls and hostesses for our location.
work with us ....!

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