If you are good-looking, you know how to move, and love being the center of attention, you have the potential to work with us as a hostess.

Dozens of young Italian and foreign girls, from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and other nations, have been working for years in our nightclub. There is always a constant demand for entertainers, as our work continues to increase.


We are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00pm to 4:00am,


The hostess is expected to be at the nightclub for working hours in elegant and sexy clothes, to dance , and to converse with customers. An average of 25 girls of various nationalities (Italian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian to name a few) work in the nightclub. It's our responsibility to give employment contracts to all the hostesses.


Normally the weekend performances are folk dances or lap dances. In addition, live music is also performed. The customers who attend our club come from the province of Terni, Viterbo and Rome.


The Zodiac night club, in its 5 years, has stood out for its reliability to its customers and its girls, in regards to the financial commitments made. For this reason, more and more girls present their resumes and make requests to work in our club, as hostesses.


Girls looking for job must be ...... legal permanent residents in order to work in our Italian night club with immediate availability, susceptibility to interpersonal relationships, and the ability' to work in teams.


We provide lodging in new apartments shared with other girls in the room, to those who request it.


To apply for selections send curriculum vitae and recent photographs.


We do not want to waste your time or our own, so please refrain from applying if you are not interested. The e-mails without the required qualifications and picture, unfortunately, will be deleted.


It's 'important for the girls outside the EU to be in possession of a residence permit.

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