If you are good-looking, you know how to move, and love being the center of attention, you have the potential to work with us as a hostess.

Dozens of young Italian and foreign girls, from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and other nations, have been working for years in our nightclub. There is always a constant demand for entertainers, as our work continues to increase.


The accommodations feature three new apartments, fully furnished and for those who request it, shared with other hostesses. All apartments are located 200m from the club.

At Otricoli, in the province of Terni, there are daily bus shuttles that connect Narni and Terni. 10 km down the road there is a train station connecting Borghetto Castellanache Civita with Rome in 40 minutes.

The night club The Zodiac is easily accessible by car on the motorway exit Magliano Sabina between Orte and Rome. Otricoli is 5 km from the exit.


The railway stations of reference for the arrivals of the girls are Terni and Orte from which our officers welcome the girls and bring them with housing. The nearest airports are Fiumicino and Ciampino in Rome.

Only the very attractive girls have a chance to be selected as disco club hostesses and only professional and good- looking ones as dancers.


Both, hostess and dancers must do some clubs publicity jobs, like invitation card distribution in daily and evening hours, if asked by the club.



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